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As the beating heart of commerce, American ports serve as pivotal conduits in the country’s supply chain network. Delving into 2023, the quantitative metrics of these ports uncover their undeniable significance, showcasing TEU volumes, historical origins, and sprawling infrastructural expanse. At Green Freight Logistics, we recognize the integral role these ports play and their vital importance in ensuring seamless logistics, especially in streamlined drayage operations. Let’s explore the top 10 busiest ports in the USA and their impact on the efficiency of drayage operations.

  1. Port of Los Angeles, California
    • TEUs in 2023: 10,663,636
    • Difference from 2021: -14.59%
    • Year Started: 1907
    • Acreage: 7,500 acres
    Description: The Port of Los Angeles stands as the nation’s foremost port in container tonnage. Its strategic location for trans-Pacific trade solidifies its indispensable role in facilitating smooth logistics for major corporations, including Walmart, Target, and Samsung.
  2. Port of New York and New Jersey, Newark
    • TEUs in 2023: 9,493,664
    • Difference from 2021: +5.7%
    • Year Started: 1921
    • Acreage: 960,000 acres
    Description: As the East Coast’s busiest port, the Port of New York and New Jersey plays a critical role in transatlantic and global trade. Its cutting-edge terminals cater to companies like Amazon, Tesla, and Home Depot, ensuring seamless cargo movements.
  3. Port of Long Beach, California
    • TEUs in 2023: 9,133,657
    • Difference from 2021: -2.7%
    • Year Started: 1911
    • Acreage: 3,200 acres
    Description: Adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles, Long Beach serves as a crucial gateway for transpacific trade. Renowned for efficient freight and container handling, it supports companies such as Apple, Nike, and Toyota, ensuring swift and reliable goods transfer
  4. Port of Savannah, Georgia
    • TEUs in 2023: 5,892,131
    • Difference from 2021: +8%
    • Year Started: 1744
    • Acreage: 1,345 acres
    Description: Rising as a key hub in container handling, the Port of Savannah houses the Garden City Terminal, North America’s largest owner-operated terminal. Crucial for the Southeast, it serves diverse industries from automotive to retail, ensuring uninterrupted commodity distribution for companies like Walmart, Home Depot, and Target.
  5. Port of Houston, Texas
    • TEUs in 2023: 3,974,901
    • Difference from 2021: +14%
    • Year Started: 1914
    • Acreage: 52-mile waterway
    Description: Positioned near major oil deposits, the Port of Houston is vital for energy and petrochemical industries. Its prominence in container volume and tonnage makes it indispensable for ExxonMobil, Shell, and Dow Chemical in the seamless movement of raw materials and finished goods.
  6. Port of Virginia, Virginia
    • TEUs in 2023: 3,703,230
    • Difference from 2021: +5.1%
    • Year Started: 1981
    • Acreage: 7,040 acres
    Description: The Port of Virginia’s strategic East Coast location fuels its exponential growth in cargo volumes for international trade. Chosen by major corporations such as Walmart, Ford, and Microsoft, it serves as a premier distribution hub for consumer goods, agricultural products, and industrial supplies.
  7. Northwest Seaport Alliance (Seattle and Tacoma), Washington
    • TEUs in 2023: 3,384,018
    • Difference from 2021: -9.43%
    • Year Started: 1911 (Seattle), 1918 (Tacoma)
    • Acreage: 1,754 acres
    Description: As a collaborative endeavor between Tacoma and Seattle ports, the Northwest Seaport Alliance stands out as a vital link in the United States supply chain. Its integrated container facilities specialize in cargo and container handling, serving as crucial gateways for trade with Asia and other international markets. Notably, major corporations such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Boeing rely on this alliance for their logistics, emphasizing its pivotal role across diverse industries. This alliance ensures an optimized, efficient logistics network, solidifying Seattle’s position as a prominent port in the US supply chain.
  8. Port of Charleston, South Carolina
    • TEUs in 2023: 2,850,000
    • Difference from 2021: +12%
    • Year Started: 1670
    • Acreage: 155 acres
    Description: Operating under the South Carolina Ports Authority, the Port of Charleston achieved record container handling in 2022. This port plays a critical role for multinational corporations like BMW, Michelin, and Boeing, ensuring the seamless flow of raw materials, components, and finished goods across various industries. Furthermore, its central location and modern infrastructure have significantly elevated its stature in supporting a wide range of industries, including manufacturing and retail.
  9. Port of Oakland, California
    • TEUs in 2023: 2,337,125
    • Difference from 2021: -4.5%
    • Year Started: 1927
    • Acreage: 1,300 acres
    Description: Positioned in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Port of Oakland boasts an advantageous location for transpacific trade, rendering services across diverse sectors. Renowned corporations such as Apple, Google, and Del Monte Foods heavily rely on its robust logistics infrastructure to meet their multifaceted logistical demands.
  10. Port of Jacksonville, Florida
    • TEUs in 2023: 2,337,125
    • Difference from 2021: -4.5%
    • Year Started: 1963
    • Acreage: 1,500 acres
    Description: JAXPORT connects to over 70 countries daily, positioning itself as a significant node for the Southeast. With upgraded facilities, it plays a key role in transferring automobiles, retail products, and consumer goods for companies like Volkswagen, General Motors, and Coca-Cola.

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