Maximizing Cargo Security: A Green Freight Logistics Approach

Welcome to Green Freight Logistics! Where we’re delving into the critical aspect of cargo security within logistics. In today’s logistics world, there’s a pressing demand for understanding and taking action against freight theft risks. Therefore, we’re here to guide you through our comprehensive strategies for ensuring the security of your shipments. Understanding Freight Theft Risks […]

2024 US Logistics Trends: Key Industry Projections

The United States Freight and Logistics Market is on a remarkable growth path. Mordor Intelligence highlights that, valued at $1.27 trillion in 2023, this sector will likely reach $1.62 trillion by 2029, showing a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.07%. As we approach 2024, several pivotal trends are emerging, set to reshape the logistics […]

Unveiling America’s Top 10 Busiest Ports in 2023: A Drayage View

As the beating heart of commerce, American ports serve as pivotal conduits in the country’s supply chain network. Delving into 2023, the quantitative metrics of these ports uncover their undeniable significance, showcasing TEU volumes, historical origins, and sprawling infrastructural expanse. At Green Freight Logistics, we recognize the integral role these ports play and their vital […]